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Quality asphalt paving is one of the most popular materials used for driveways and roads. It is cheaper, flexible and settles quickly. You can also install new asphalt residential paving on top of a new one and it is highly recommendable if you want driveways that allows water run off with noise reduction and DIY fixes. However, asphalt has shortcomings too, so it is always essential to review your options. Here’s a brief look finding a commercial projects asphalt contractor and what paving jobs entails.


What Is Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt is a tar-like substance from petroleum. It comes by various names, such as hot mix, or hot mix asphalt surfaces, because of how road workers use them. Asphalt turns into liquid form at 300F and workers must set it quickly. It hardens back into a flexible solid formation. New asphalt patching usually features a mixture of aggregate, sand and the slurry asphalt material that binds everything together.


Asphalt vs. Concrete


image source: atlantisfiber.comConcrete and asphalt paving provide strength and durability. Both can replace the other in different paving project and also have unique limitations. Here are the key benefits of an asphalt driveway or parking lot repairs over their concrete counterparts:


  1. Flexibility – Asphalt is more flexible than concrete paving, which makes it more resilient to cracking. It can adapt to extreme winters and summers without suffering significant damages
  2. Cheap – An asphalt resurfacing paved surfaces, driveway, lot, or court is less expensive to construct and fetch a lower resale value. This is due to the cheap availability and production of asphalt.
  3. Resilient during winter – Asphalt is less prone to the damages of ice melts and rock salts widespread during winter. If anything, they last longer in colder locations.
  4. Swift setting – An asphalt paving sets by cooling rather than curing, so you can start using your driveway three days after installation. However, you should be careful, at least until your driveway is 30 days old.
  5. Easy pothole repairs – It is highly recommendable to involve professionals for asphalt repair as they have the required resources. However, you can complete DIY asphalt paving repair with considerable ease.


Asphalt Paving Options


image source: moneycrashers.comWhether you seek a new driveway or need paving asphalt services to remove existing asphalt paver, there are a few options available with such installations. Primarily, you can hire paving and repair contractors for the following:



1. New Asphalt Pavement Surface Over An Existing Driveway

f the existing driveway isn’t badly damaged, you can install residential asphalt base overlay paving on top of it. It saves more time and just as efficient. However, this only works on driveways parking lots with fewer cracks and damages. You should also consider the extra height, mainly if it affects fences and gates.


2. Pave on Soil

If your driveway is badly damaged, you may have to remove the existing pavement installation before installing new commercial asphalt paving in its place. This requires 6 to 8 inches of hot mix and works for new installations with no pre-existing pavements. The asphalt is laid directly on the prepared earth.


3. Pave On An Aggregate Base

This process involves removing the existing driveway and installing an aggregate base that provides the foundation for adding asphalt overlay paving. This is the most preferred asphalt base installation method and also results in long-lasting lots. It also reduces the amount of porous asphalt mix you need to install your new driveway or pavement.


Trusted Asphalt Paving Company


image source: pavingformaine.comAre you looking for a trustworthy paving company to help you upgrade the look of your driveway? Smart Living offers result-based paving services including seal coating, chip seal, parking lot paving, driveway paving that guarantee to give you reliable residential asphalt driveways and pavements. Whether you seek products for DIY crack filling or want to install a new driveway, we have experienced construction workers and managers to take care of your asphalt paving project. We work with licensed, family owned, community involvement asphalt paving inc companies you can contact for world of asphalt installation, repair and maintenance programs. You also get guaranteed service quality and transparent communication. Sign up today for more information about our lays the asphalt paving and other home repair services.



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