What is a Typical Hourly Rate For a General Contractor?

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Hiring a general contractor may be beneficial when you have a construction or remodeling job. You will have a single point of contact for any of your inquiries and issues as a result of doing so. It also provides you with access to supplies and workers that you may not have otherwise. Contractor fees should be included into your project budget to obtain a more realistic overall cost. What does it cost to hire an independent contractor? What are the hourly rates of general contractors? For each person, the answer is unique. Here are some things to think about when deciding who to employ as a contractor.


How Much a Contractor Costs Is Determined by the Type of Contract

General contractors favor one of three contract types. Before choosing which one would work best for your circumstance, you need understand the advantages and downsides of each. When you’re trying to figure out how much a contractor costs, look at the contract type.


Resources and Time

If the cost of supplies, direct labor, and equipment is your primary concern, a time and materials contract may be preferable. This implies that any additions to the project will raise the cost. In most contracts, an additional amount is included to cover overhead expenses and enable the contractor to earn a profit.


Set cost

This kind of contract restricts the contractor’s earnings to a certain amount, regardless of how much additional time or resources are required. You’ll know how much general contractors charge right at the start of your job. Bonuses may be given in certain situations if goals are met or exceeded. For example, completing a project ahead of time or delivering better outcomes may be rewarded.


Fee in addition to cost

Although there is an initial set dollar amount agreed upon for the project under a cost plus a fee contract, changes may be made if unexpected expenses arise. This may work in your advantage since it eliminates the contractor’s incentive to take shortcuts in order to maintain earnings.


If you’re wondering how much general contractors charge per hour, the contract categories above show that this cost is seldom published.


2. Cost Percentage of the Project

When attempting to answer the question, “How much does a contractor cost?” you must first determine the fees that will be charged. What are the hourly rates of general contractors? Instead of charging an hourly fee, they typically charge a fee that is between 10% and 20% of the total project cost. This may cost anything from $250 and $58,000, depending on the contractor and the job. The greater the percentage a contractor will charge, the bigger or more complex the job is. A contractor must charge more to earn a profit the more responsibility a project entails.


3. Building Materials

What is the average cost of a general contractor? For remodels vs. new construction, most contractors charge different rates. If you’re deciding between building and remodeling, renovation is generally the more costly option. Remodeling may be more complex and thus more expensive since the contractor must work around the existing structure and any problems that may emerge. New building, on the other hand, may require a greater quantity of the following:



  • Insurance
  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Permits

What does it cost to hire an independent contractor? Examine the work that has to be done. To properly handle the increased insurance, subcontractors, and building regulations, new development often necessitates more administration. This may result in a higher contractor charge in certain instances. If the new building is for a smaller house, however, the contractor costs may be comparable to those paid for a renovation.


4. The project’s scope

A contractor for a bathroom makeover will cost considerably less than a contractor for a whole home renovation. This is due to the additional personnel and materials that a contractor will be responsible for as part of the bigger project. The cost of some items increases as a project becomes more involved:


  • Taxes
  • Office staff
  • Transportation of materials
  • Communication between subcontractors
  • Warranty

What does it cost to hire an independent contractor? Most contractors will charge extra for projects with greater overhead so that they may still make a profit.


5. Project Type

Specialized tasks may need the services of a contractor with greater knowledge and experience. If you’re seeking to add a bedroom to your current house, you may be able to employ a less costly contractor than if you’re looking to fully renovate your kitchen. If the contractor has greater expertise, he or she can finish projects with complex floorplans or that need specific kinds of permissions more quickly. What does it cost to hire an independent contractor? In specific circumstances, you may need to spend extra since superior contractors may charge greater rates.


6. The place

The cost of a contractor may also differ depending on the project’s location. This is due to the fact that overhead costs differ by region. In certain locations, costs for labor, materials transportation, and permissions may be considerably higher. If your project is in a distant area, having supplies transported to the building site, for example, may be more costly. Permits may be more difficult to acquire if the project is in a highly urban location. These are factors to think about while budgeting for your project as well as when trying to figure out how much a contractor costs.


7. Hands-on knowledge

Expertise is usually gained via experience. A contractor with a lot of expertise will almost always charge more but provide superior outcomes. It’s crucial to verify whether or not a contractor’s statements regarding expertise are accurate. You may do so by requesting credentials, certificates, customer reviews, or other kinds of genuine evidence. Furthermore, a contractor who can start working on your project right immediately is less likely to be in high demand than one who won’t start for many months.


What does it cost to hire an independent contractor? Contractors with more experience have more years in the industry. This typically entails a larger network of connections. This gives them access to a wider pool of workers and allows them to choose which subcontractors provide the greatest results.


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