How Much Does an Attic Fan Cost to Repair?


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An attic fan serves to cut energy expenses, safeguard stored belongings, and avoid roofing damage by regulating the temperature in a house’s uppermost area. A broken fan can generally be repaired in a single day for a modest price, but if repair expenses become prohibitively expensive, installing a new attic fan may be a better solution.

Possible Issues With Attic Fans

Electrical, motor, or thermostat difficulties are the most common causes of attic fan problems. By manually turning on the fan, you may immediately verify whether the problem is with the thermostat (thereby bypassing the thermostat, which activates the fan according to a preset temperature). If it turns on, the thermostat is most likely to blame; if it doesn’t, the issue is most likely caused by the unit’s electrical or motor components.
The first electrical faults to look for are a defective outlet, blown fuse, or a bad connection. Leaving them out could suggest a larger electrical problem or a faulty fan motor. It is customary to replace an attic fan motor every 10 to 15 years, and some motors burn out after only 5 years.

The Value of Clean Vents

Attic fans pull in colder outdoor air and push out warmer indoor air to regulate temperature. However, they rely on passive roof vents to bring in fresh air. Clogged vents with leaves, twigs, nests, or other material hinder airflow. When this happens, cooler air is taken from the conditioned air in the residence. This will not only make your air conditioner(s) work more, resulting in increased power bills, but it will also make your attic fan work harder, perhaps resulting in early motor burnout. If you have an attic fan, make sure to clean the soffit vents once a year.

Costs of Attic Fan Repair

The real cost of repairing an attic fan is determined mostly by the severity of the problem and the ease with which the fan may be accessed. Expect to spend more if the unit has be removed to be worked on and then reinstalled.

  1. An attic fan repair will most likely cost you at least $100. (many technicians charge a minimum fee that reflects 1.5 to 2 hours of work).
  2. The most you should pay for an attic fan repair is $500, while most jobs cost between $200 and $400.
    Get an estimate and compare it to the price of a new attic fan.

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