Where Can I Find a Good Foundation Repair Company?

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One of the most significant features is the foundation of your home and the one that can cause the most problems if the damage is not repaired. Future foundation problems, such as cracks, sagging floors and off-level homes, make it a really good idea to repair basement walls. It’s the best decision you could make to hire a foundation repair expert to look at your home, but you shouldn’t just go with the cheapest company you can Google: you want foundation repairs from a company you trust to be quality work. When you ask questions and hire your company, here are five things to keep in mind.


Where licenses and insurance are held

Ask the business you are looking to hire for proof of insurance and the necessary licenses to do the repair work you need to do. Usually, any major foundation repair requires permits, and any contractor or company working on a home should be licensed in your city or state for work. Certificates do not always imply that the businesses are experts, and it may take some digging to determine whether the businesses you are looking at specialize in repairing foundations. There will also be insurance for any reputable contractor you bring in to repair your basement walls. During any major repair, unforeseen problems can occur, and the business you hire should have liability and workers’ compensation in mind.


IF it’s local

A national or out-of-state company can do a great job, but to support your local businesses, there’s something to be said. Local businesses, including the terrain and climate, will know your area best. Repairing basement walls requires knowledge of local weather and soil conditions as well as geography, and under local conditions, a local company will be able to understand which problems you are likely to experience and which products or methods are best suited. A local company will also know if a permit to work in your area is required.


Their procedures and specialties

You wouldn’t want a roofer to repair your sagging floors, and foundation problems are usually not solved by smoothing concrete into cracks. Not all contractors can address all problems. Make sure the firm you’re hiring knows about foundations and basements to fix your foundation. Foundation repairs involve taking into account variables such as soil and water pressure, the water table, and the effects of foundation damage on the structure of a home. If the business is new, ask about the employees’ qualifications and prior experience in the foundation and basement. A good company will use good products and understand how to use them. Also, ask about their techniques and the products and materials they use.



Take the time for the businesses you’re looking to hire to compare and read reviews. Check if the companies with the Better Business Bureau are registered: while not all of them are, if they are, you will be able to see complaints. You can ask a company for a list of references, but be careful about this method because no one gives you a list of unsatisfied clients, and sometimes friends, family, or even paid to give good reviews are the participants. Asking your neighbors or nearby friends and family for referrals for foundation repair work is a more reliable way to learn about qualified, reasonably priced businesses.


…BUT trust your intuition…

Although practical considerations should play a major role in hiring a foundation repair company, you will invite this company into your home to do the most important part of repairing it, so you want to trust them. You don’t have to hire them if something feels “off.” A reputable repair firm will not try to push you on the spot to sign a contract or get unnecessary repairs. On the job, contractors don’t have to be cheerful, but they should be sympathetic. If you’re uncomfortable talking to them, or they treat you like a fool when they answer your questions, they might not be the right fit for you, even if they provide good information and a free estimate (and even if the price is good). Don’t reject that feeling.
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