How Much Does HVAC Repair Cost?

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Furnace breakdowns, no cooling while outside temperatures are rising-heating and cooling repairs frequently catch us suddenly, making HVAC repair costs very shocking. Many homeowners worry when they call the HVAC repair contractor because of unexpected costs – the heating and cooling contractor won’t be able to give you the price for the repairs required until he or she inspects the system to determine the root of the problem. is here to take some of the surprises from the expense of fixing HVAC. Here you can find the average cost of typical HVAC repairs and how to cope with these [UPDATED] sudden costs in order to ease the financial pressure they carry.




Furnaces are complex mechanical systems, and there are a variety of sensitive components that can fail or cause failure, creating a need for repairs. On average, homeowners pay around $300 for the repair of the furnace. Below are typical oven repair costs for furnaces and heating systems:


  • Repair blower motor – $150
  • Replace blower motor – $450
  • Thermostat replacement – $50 to $200+
  • Replace ignitor – $300 to $400
  • Repair flame sensor – $80
  • Replace flame sensor – $250
  • Repair heat exchanger – $100
  • Replace heat exchanger – $500 to $1,200
  • Repair pressure sensor/circuit board – $50
  • Replace pressure sensor/circuit board – $350
  • Replace gas valve – $150
  • Replace smart valve – $750
  • Replace draft inducer – $150 to $450


Average Maintenance Costs of AC Units and Cooling Systems


Cooling devices, such as air conditioners and heat pumps, use indoor and outdoor parts to cool the air in your home. Blower engine malfunctions, as described above, can occur when the cooling system is in use, resulting in similar HVAC repair costs.


On average, homeowners pay $300 for domestic air conditioning repairs. The average cost of HVAC repairs for common air conditioning repairs includes:


  • Replace condensate drain tube – $20
  • Replace condensate drain pump – $240 to $450
  • Replace drain pans – $250 to $575
  • Flush drain line – $75 to $250
  • Recharge refrigerant – $250 to $750
  • Repair refrigerant leak – $200 to $1,500
  • Replace compressor – $1,900
  • Repair outdoor fan motor – $200 to $650
  • Replace breakers, relays, or fuses – $75 to $290
  • Replace condenser coil – $1,900 to $2,900


HVAC Calculator Device Cost


Want to know how much a new HVAC unit is going to cost? Try our cost calculator to get a local price estimate for your house.


Services For HVAC Maintenance Costs


Many of the heating and cooling contractors charge a service fee for maintenance calls. This is to cover the job and overhead associated with the dispatch of a technician to your home and the inspection of the machine. Usually, the service cost would be between $50 and $100 depending on the contractor.


If you require emergency heating and cooling repairs, such as on weekends, business hours or on holidays, prepare to pay a higher fee.


Costs Paying HVAC Repair


If your boiler, heat pump, or air conditioner requires sudden, costly repairs, it may not be financially feasible for you to do so in such a short time – but your family still needs heating and cooling to stay warm and comfortable indoors.


Speak to your HVAC repair contractor about how to make HVAC repair costs more manageable. Many contractors provide funding solutions to assist clients in this very role, as well as payment schedules. HVAC companies know that HVAC repair costs can come as a shock in certain cases, and they want to help you get the maintenance that your device requires to maintain your comfort and protection.


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