How Much Does it Cost to Install Landscape Curbing?

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Concrete Landscape Curbing Cost

Don’t allow hidden costs blow your remodeling budget – read on to determine the average installed prices for Concrete Landscape Curbing. You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking for the Cost of Concrete Landscape Curbing supplies and installation costs.
As an experienced licensed home improvement contractor, I know firsthand how much various tiers — Basic, Better, and, of course, Best — should cost. The Concrete Landscape Curbing estimator will give you the most recent pricing for your location. Simply input your zip code and square footage, then click update to obtain an estimate for having Concrete Landscape Curbing placed at your house.
A 10 by 10 space, for example, equals 100 square feet.

Concrete Landscape Curbing – Material Prices $160.00 – $167.50 $170.00 – $172.50 $230.00 – $244.50
Concrete Landscape Curbing – Installation Cost $225.00 – $267.50 $322.50 – $480.00 $540.00 – $647.50
Concrete Landscape Curbing – Total $385.00 – $435.00 $492.50 – $652.50 $770.00 – $892.00
Concrete Landscape Curbing – Total Average Cost per square foot $8.20 $11.45 $16.62


Checklist for Concrete Landscape Curbing Pricing and Installation Costs


  1. Expect Concrete Landscape Curbing pricing to vary amongst firms because each has distinct operating fees and overhead.
  2. Try to get prices in late fall or early winter — by waiting for a contractor’s off season, you can expect substantial pricing concessions.
  3. Budget an extra 7-15 percent on top of what your Curbing price estimates are.
  4. Visit each supply business that sells your specific brand of Concrete Landscape Curbing and try to negotiate a better price with each source – on average, I save 20%.
  5. Installing Concrete Landscape Curbing is a difficult undertaking that might leave you with a hurting back.
  6. Hiring a Concrete Contractor or mason company to do the work for you may be more cost effective.
  7. Concrete Contractors or Mason businesses will almost always receive better pricing on Concrete Landscape Curbing, saving you time and money on Concrete Landscape Curbing materials, so search about and ask your neighbors for recommendations.

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