How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Bedroom Professionally?


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Painting the inside of your house is a major undertaking that requires careful budgeting and preparation. This is true whether you intend to do the painting yourself or hire local home painters to do it for you.


If you’re planning on hiring experts to help you with a large painting job, there are a few things you should check for in each business you choose.


To learn more about what this implies, keep reading to learn how to calculate the cost of painting a 1212 room utilizing one of the top home painting companies near me choices.


What Are the Average Per-Square-Foot Costs?

To begin estimating how much painting a 1212 room in your house may cost, keep in mind that most painters charge by square foot. But, how much does an average painter charge per square foot?


Most painters will charge anywhere from $1 to $3 per square foot of area on average. You should know how much area you need to be painted ahead of time, whether it’s one or two rooms or the whole inside of your house, to help you estimate the total cost of the project.


The typical cost of labor for a 1212 room is from $350 to $850, while the average cost of painting the whole inside of your house ranges from $1200 on the low end to up to $4000 on the high end.


You should also bear in mind that, regardless of how much work you have done, labor expenses will account for at least 70% of the entire estimated cost of your paint job.


What if I decide to do all of the painting myself?

You might save a lot of money if you do the painting yourself, but you will have a lot more work on your hands. If you don’t mind taking care of things yourself, everything should work out well.


On the high end, hiring expert painters to paint a single room in your house might cost over $1000. However, for someone wanting to paint a 1212 square foot room on a budget, the do it yourself (DIY) method may be the best option.


If you go the DIY way and paint a 12×12 room yourself, you can expect to pay about $100 to $300 on the low end and up to $300 on the high end.


This is determined by the kind and grade of paint and other supplies you need. Make sure you know the colors and other choices you want ahead of time, and make a shopping list so you can get everything you need at the hardware store.


What Are the Advantages of Hiring Professional Painters Over Do-It-Yourself Painting?

If you’ve never hired experts or attempted to perform the work yourself, it’s normal to be curious about this. Each approach caters to a particular group of individuals and purchases. People who choose for the DIY method do so depending on their budget and the amount of free time they have available to dedicate to their painting job.


People that employ professional painters, on the other hand, have a plethora of reasons for doing so. Listed below are a handful of them.


Professional painters are more knowledgeable about the task and can do it more quickly.

Professional painters are skilled and knowledgeable in their field. You are paying a professional painting business for their years of expertise painting people’s houses when you hire them.


Professional painters will take care of the painting so you don’t have to.

Another reason why many individuals don’t make their own painting is a lack of time. Many individuals just do not have the time to dedicate to their painting job and must employ a professional in order to complete it.


Professional painters have superior supplies at their disposal.

Professional painters, without a doubt, have higher quality tools, supplies, and equipment than what you’d find at a typical hardware shop. For a great work, the finest painters utilize the best supplies.


How much does it cost to paint a room?

If you’re hiring a professional painter to do a modest painting project in your house, expect to spend about $25 to $35 per hour for labor. Painting a single room is more costly per square foot than painting several rooms or the whole home. Homeowners pay an average of $300 to $420, or $2.5 to 3.5 per square foot, to paint a 10 by 12 room.


Baseboards, wall repairs, ceilings, and trim are not included. A 10 by 12 space may seem to be 120 square feet at first glance. The wall surface, on the other hand, is computed as the perimeter divided by the wall height (44ft by 8ft), or 352 sqft. This implies you’re paying precisely $1 per square foot of wall space.


When you consider in all of these additional costs, such as the amount of extra time and labor required, the total cost of painting a single room may range from $650 to $1,000 or more. The cost of removing furniture will range from $100 to $150 per room. It’s worth noting that labor rates vary by area.


Contractors in large cities, for example, will charge more because of the better quality of life, whereas contractors in rural regions would price less. This is why it’s critical to get three to four free price estimates from local contractors to get a sense of the going cost in your region.


Other Factors that Influence Painting Costs


Many variables may drive up the overall cost of this painting job, including:


  1. Repairing damaged walls will cost between $40 and $45 per hour.
  2. If you intend to paint your walls a deeper color, you may need more than two coats to achieve enough coverage and saturation. This will undoubtedly raise the total cost.
  3. Special texture: Some room designs need the use of textured walls. These will increase the amount of paint needed by 20 to 30% depending on the texture, since more effort and paint will be required.
  4. Paint quality: The majority of experts use BEHR and other brands for priming and paint. If you choose a premium hue or high-quality paint like Farrow and Ball, expect to spend about $99 per gallon.
  5. Vaulted or Cathedral ceilings: Painting a room with vaulted or cathedral ceilings will cost you an extra hundred dollars. The process of preparing the stage for this endeavor will take longer and need more work.
  6. Paint the window trim in the room: We suggest painting the window trim in the room (if you have). Otherwise, you will not get the ideal appearance and feel at the conclusion of the project. Depending on how many windows you have, you may be charged an extra $200 to $300.
  7. Decorative finish: Using a unique texture to paint an accent wall or an entire room can cost a lot of money. Marble textures will cost between $5 and $6 per square foot, with the whole stenciling costing between $8 and $11 per square foot. To get the best possible result, we suggest painting the whole room and ceiling.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have any more questions regarding how much it costs to paint a room? Questions are frequent among those who have never hired a painting business before. The following are some of the most often asked questions regarding this topic, along with their answers.


How much paint is needed to paint a 1212 square foot room?

To completely paint a 1212 square foot room from top to bottom (including your doors and ceiling), you’ll need about three gallons of paint and two coats of paint.


What is the average time it takes to paint a room?

Professional painters estimate that painting an average-sized bedroom will take four to five hours, while painting a bathroom would take two to four hours.


What must be completed before to painting a room?

A lot of prep work is done before painting any space. Furniture must be moved, certain items must be removed from the room, edges must be taped, the floor must be covered, and cleanup must be completed after the paint work is completed and cured.


How much does it cost to paint a 1012 square foot room?

A room that measures 10 by 12 will cost between $380 and $790 to paint. It’s worth noting that the price does not cover ceiling painting or the paint itself. It will cost you about $200 to $200 to paint the 10 by 12 room yourself.


How do you estimate the cost of a painting job?

According to experts, the average cost of labor is $20 per hour. Take a look at the following approximate estimate for outside painting: In 1 to 2 days, 2–3 painters can paint the outside of a 2,500-square-foot home. The work will cost $800 each day, so you may wind up spending a total of $1,600.


Is it feasible to do this on your own?

You are capable of painting your home’s rooms. If you opt to take on the job alone, though, you may not be able to complete it. At any one moment, a competent contractor will have three to four workers working on your project.


To avoid mold and other kinds of damage, you’ll need someone who can get to those hard-to-reach places. While doing the painting yourself may save you money, a professional will always be professional. We don’t believe you want to spend your spare time painting your home’s interiors, either.


How much does it cost to hire a painter to paint a room?

This is dependent on the size of the space and the texture of the walls. A painter takes longer to paint a big space than a smaller one. The amount you pay will be determined by the number of cans you use. Furthermore, textured walls require more paint than flat surfaces. Because of the texture, you’ll need an additional 300–350 square feet of paint.


How far can a gallon of paint take you?

One gallon of paint may cover up to 400 square feet, which is enough to paint a modest room like a bathroom. Two-gallon paint cans can cover an area of up to 800 square feet, which is about the size of an ordinary room. This amount is typically sufficient, particularly when considering coverage after the second coat.


Is it necessary to prime before painting?

Although priming is not required on freshly completed surfaces, it is recommended if the finish is shiny or coated with a greasy layer. If the house you’re working on was previously painted with oil-based paint, use latex primer to enhance the latex coating’s adherence.


Half the battle is knowing.

Painting a 1212 room may be an easy job as long as you make sure you have the money to complete the project. You may save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but when you hire home painters near you, you get the time savings plus the assurance that you’re paying for expertise.


Your space will appear completely different, fresh, and new in no time. When it’s finished, you may be so taken with the appearance that you decide to repaint the whole inside of your home.


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