How Much Should Pool Maintenance Cost?


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On a national average, pool maintenance costs can range from $80 to $120 per month for full service maintenance plans. Chemical maintenance plans alone will range from $65 to $80, lowering costs while allowing you to manage some of the less professional aspects, such as cleaning and routine maintenance. Cleaning and servicing your pool filter should be done at least once a year and will cost between $80 and $100.


Most of us dream of having a swimming pool so that we can spend time swimming, relaxing and inviting friends and family to share in the fun. Keep your pool [UPDATED] clean and in full working order with the help of a pool maintenance professional. Maintenance of the pool goes beyond cleaning and removal of the leaf to ensure that the chemicals in your swimming pool remain balanced and that essential maintenance is carried out on a continuous basis. Skilled pool company will provide advice on water level, pH level, best care for your pool pump and pool heater, and recommended maintenance for your pool filter device. Though you can make cleaning simpler by using a pool cover, maintenance of the pool is more than just purchasing a few test kits and hoping for the best. Take care of the upkeep of the pool, get the support you need, and spend your time enjoying the pool instead.


Pool Maintenance – What Does it Cost?


Swimming pool maintenance costs can vary depending on the size of your pool, the type of care it needs, and the frequency of pool maintenance services. Another main cost factor is your venue, as services have a higher price tag in regions with higher living costs and higher business costs. The type of pool, such as above ground or underground pools, freshwater pools or saltwater pools, can also influence the price. It’s a good idea to get on the phone with a reputable pool service provider or to go over your requirements and have them give you a clear estimate of the cost. They will help you consider the best service package for your current pool, or help you estimate the cost of a new pool you’re putting in.


Maintenance charges for monthly pool


Most of the pool cleaning and repair companies provide a monthly price for their weekly services. You can opt for service every week or every two weeks; the frequency will have an effect on your costs.


Services vary by company and can involve skimming the pool, brushing the pool and stairs, emptying both skimmer baskets and pump baskets, checking pool water and changing and adding chemicals as required, vacuuming the pool as needed, cleaning debris filter screens for in-floor systems, unclogging pump impellers, unclogging vacuum cleaner turbines/diaphragm, and backwashing the pool sand filter.


Pool Pros provided us with examples of their monthly costs and clarified the variables that could raise these regular prices. “Pool size, amount of foliage around the pool, age and condition of pool equipment, and the location of house (if it’s in or out of our service area) can all impact the average monthly rate for services,” explains Debbie Tyer of Humble Bee Pool Service and Repair in Mesa, Arizona. Here are a few examples—all of which cover the expense of chemicals:


  1. Monthly average cost for full service pool maintenance: $85-$120, depending on the pool, from Humble Bee Pool Service and Repair. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters should be washed back every two to three months or when the filter pressure is high. This service shall be included in the monthly bill.
  2. Monthly average cost for full service pool maintenance: $80 from Terrell Witt of Integrity Pool Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona. Includes 1 pound of granular chlorine and 2 tablets of chlorine. Service for larger pools can cost more due to increased chemical costs.
  3. Monthly average cost for full service pool maintenance: $90-$95, depending on the size of the pool, from Kyle Bernard of Radiance Pools in Tempe, Arizona. Weekly logs and images showing the services performed or chemicals applied to the pool during maintenance are sent to the client by email.
  4. Bi-monthly full-service maintenance: $50 on average from Radiance Pools.


Costs of chemical pool cleaning


Finding a pool cleaning service provider to oversee pool chemical maintenance will only help you minimize costs while also ensuring that the water chemistry is as it should be. This ensures that the homeowner takes responsibility for basic cleaning and daily repairs, such as skimming and brushing the swimming pool, emptying skimmer baskets, etc., and the pros manage all chemical additions and changes. Here are a few examples of chemical-only monthly maintenance costs:


  1. Monthly service cost: $65-$80, depending on the size of the pool, from Humble Bee.


When am I Going to Clean my Pool Filter – Maintenance Intervals?


Cartridge filters must be washed at least once a year, explains Tyer of Humble Bee Pool Service and Repair. They use a mixture of muriatic acid and high-pressure water to clean the filters and charge $100 for the operation. Bernard with Radiance Pools recommends cleaning filters on a biannual basis so that they can run in peak conditions. His company charges $80 for cleaning the filter. “A dirty filter can cause a high back pressure, which makes the pump work harder and the water filter slower,” Bernard explains with Radiance Pools. “This can lead to damage to the equipment and to green or cloudy water.”


How to Find a Great Pool Maintenance Pro


When choosing a pool professional, always ensure that they are trained and experienced, possess all applicable certifications and are properly insured. Reading feedback is a long way to finding the best fit for your pool maintenance needs. If you just need partial service (they do chemicals, you do dirty work) or you want routine, full-service repair, there are cost factors involved.


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