Must a Christmas Tree be Removed For Fumigation?


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Question: My apartment (which has two units, upper and lower) was fumigated for termites with a tent about four years ago. My landlord is now planning a “maintenance” fumigation with no tents and only spraying. As a result, I was told that all of my furniture needed to be pushed to the center of the room and that my pets needed to be removed. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but I’m guessing it’ll only take a few hours if they’re just spraying and then leaving. However, I’m going to have a Christmas tree in the apartment this year, and I’m not sure if I should take it down with the rest of my plants. Should it be fine because there isn’t a tent this time?


Answer: Everything left inside the tent is killed by true fumigation. The term “maintenance fumigation” is a misnomer. Gas can’t be applied only where it’s needed. Drywood termites can’t be controlled with sprays or local injections. Your landlord appears to have no idea what the service will entail. Speak with the contractor directly.


Answer: The simplest answer is yes. Pesticides used in fumigation may harm certain plants in your home.I hope this information is useful.


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