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Sign of foundation cracks, separated drywalls and sloping uneven floors will cause shivers to any homeowner as they highlight major issues concerning your home’s safety. A strong residential foundation is fundamental for the structural integrity of any building, residential and commercial foundation repair. As such, sighting foundation issues should prompt urgent repair to prevent further damages to your property. Here’s a brief overview of foundation cracks repair cost and what it entails.


What is Foundation Repair?


image source: uretek-gulfcoast.comPrimarily, foundation repair refers to all activities aimed at rectifying issues with your home’s foundation repair solution. Various telltale signs call for foundation repair, although not all are visible to the naked eye. If your foundation has obvious cracks, leaning, or you see cracks in the ceiling, you should contact a licensed structural engineer or foundation repair solutions company. Trusted contractors can rectify most foundation wall problems, but you need to contact them early to avoid costly structural repairs. Some of the signs that should prompt you to call a foundation repair contractor include:


Cracks in your foundation, tiles, basement walls, ceiling and bricks

  1. Sloping floors and exterior façade grout lines
  2. Sticking doors and windows
  3. Separated drywalls and sagging beams

Foundation Repair Services


image source: primeserviceprovider.comThe three standard foundations are slab foundations, basement and crawl space repair encapsulation repair foundations. Some of the services you can hire when faced with foundation settlement issues include:


  1. Interior floor repair for sunken, crack repair and bowed foundations
  2. Concrete slab repair
  3. Seawall and retaining wall anchors repair
  4. Leaning chimney repair
  5. Settlement repair
  6. Leaking basement wall repair

Types of Foundation Repair Methods


image source: ecoscapefoundation.comUntil the late 1970s, contractors used concrete levelling slabs for most foundation solutions repairs. With so much technical papers today, modern foundation contractors have various choices, including:



  1. Steel piers – Involves using steel piers instead of concrete slab piers to facilitate the foundation repair cost process. Advantages include data-driven installation, less impact on the landscape and swift repair work.
  1. Helical tieback piers – Ideal for light-loaded areas in exterior foundations and interior concrete slab repair. Helical pile piers are also used in new buildings and suit porch columns and vinyl sidings. However, they remain underused despite being the most versatile.
  1. Concrete piers – Was the preferred foundation repair method before the invention of hydraulic-driven steel piers. The process involves using pour-in-place concrete pier and beam, offering a permanent solution for various soil types foundation problems.
  1. Segmented piers – Are relatively new in the foundation repair industry and appeal to those seeking price-driven foundation repairs and products. The obvious merit for using segmented piers in repairing foundations is its low price.
  1. High-density polyurethane foam – Involves injecting the high-density foam into a checkerboard grid through slab-jacking techniques. This method simplifies slab repair, offering a marketplace-driven solution for fast, cost-effective foundation repair.
  1. Spot piers – Refers to concrete piers systems used for repairing light-loaded foundations. It involves pouring concrete repair in shallow, hand-dug piers to reinforce weak foundations.

Trusted Foundation Repair Company


Whether you seek basement waterproofing or major repair for a cracked foundation, it is essential to find a reliable contractor that can guarantee high-quality services. Crucial aspects to review include market reputation, quality guarantees, customer service, professionalism and business credibility. Many of our partnering contractors offer a lifetime warranty. At Smart Living, our goal is to provide premium commercial foundation inspections repair expert services , a commitment to our community and covid19 our commitment for all our clients. Our home repair services are customized to meet the unique needs of each homeowner that we are proudly serving and we have the experience and capacity to fix all your foundation issues. Contact us to find out more about foundation repair and other home repair services.


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