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Steps on Hiring

A handyman’s license varies by state, but any contractor should have at the very least a business license, a current background check, liability insurance, and a surety bond. Although many handymen are self-taught, others have received training at community colleges, trade and technical schools, or have worked under the supervision of a licensed handyman or contractor. Before hiring a skilled handyman, always request an estimate and inquire about their experience with the task at hand. SmartLiving will assist you in sorting through all of the handymen in your area to find the best professional for the job.


Step 1: Organize yourself. Make a thorough list of your repairs and create a basic, itemized budget. If you’re not sure how much a repair would cost, use free online pricing resources to see how much other homeowners are paying for similar projects.


Step 2: Set priorities for your activities. Sort the repair list according to priority. Prioritizing your most important activities first will provide you with more value for your buck — which will help you prevent expensive maintenance in the future.


Step 3: Compare the costs. Ascertain that your handyman is familiar with your repairs and has comparable pricing in mind. (It’s fine if your handyman’s rates are marginally higher, but be careful of pricing that is notably inconsistent.)


Step 4: Look up references. If your handyman’s rates and expertise seem reasonable, request references or examples of previous work. It’s a good idea to keep looking if your pro has bad references or subpar job examples.


Step 5: Make your payment arrangements. Finally, talk about payment. Structure the payments around job completions if you’re working on several tasks. Never recruit a handyman who demands full payment up front.


Handyman Qualifications

While almost everyone can claim to be a handyman, you should not let just anyone into your home to work on minor repairs and maintenance. To select someone you can trust, make sure they have the necessary qualifications.


– state has its own laws governing whether or not a handyman requires some kind of training or licensing. Obtaining a license can necessitate some training or schooling.


Even if your state does not need a professional license for a local handyman, he or she will almost certainly need a business license to practice. The person would also need liability insurance, surety bonding, and a current background check.


If you live in a state where a handyman is not required to be licensed, look for someone who:


  1. Has any formal education from a vocational school, technical school, or community college
  2. Has evidence of hands-on experience working under the supervision of a licensed or trained handyman
  3. Is a member of a technical or trade association, such as the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals (ACHP) or the United Handyman Association? (UHA)
  4. Is a member of the SmartLiving network after passing our stringent screening process.


Services Provided by Handymen

When you employ a handyman, you can discover that they each have unique skills and expertise. In most instances, they can carry out simple tasks such as:


  1. Seasonal maintenance includes installing or repairing light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and ceiling fans both inside and outside your house.
  2. Tile assembly painting
  3. Glass and door repair and installation
  4. Plants and fixtures are included in the basic landscaping.
  5. Repair of a deck or fence
  6. Roof replacement
  7. Repair or replacement of siding
  8. Repair and installation of counters and cabinets
  9. Installation and upkeep of carpets and flooring
  10. Minor plumbing repairs
  11. Caulking
  12. Gutter washing and upkeep
  13. Image frames, mirrors, and window treatments


Contractors vs. Handymen

What a handyman can do for you is often affected by your location. In states where a license is not necessary, he or she may be limited to only simple odd jobs around the house, such as those mentioned above. More difficult or specialized tasks, such as plumbing or electricity, can necessitate the hiring of a contractor.


Handyman Contractor
Is regarded as a “master of all trades” Usually specializes in one area
It is possible that they are self-taught and are not licensed Is licensed
You may be required to supply equipment and materials You will be charged for supplies
Focuses on smaller, less complex projects Works on complex projects that need a construction permit.
Typically does his work alone Typically has a team of people.


Questions to Ask Handymen

Never employ a handyman without first performing a brief interview to decide whether they are the right person for the job.


Begin by outlining the project or making a list of the tasks you want them to complete. This way, you have all of the details in one place to get an idea of how much the handyman would charge per hour or job, as well as what supplies are needed.


You should also review our list of questions to ask a contractor or handyman to ensure you’re prepared to find the right professional.


This article is accurate and true to the best of SmartLiving’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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