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Homeowners are bound to need emergency HVAC repair at some point. These are mechanical and electrical panel components that are susceptible to wear and tear from routine use. Proper maintenance can help you get more years, but the system will eventually require an energy saving upgrade. You probably won’t need HVAC replacement for several years. However, your heat or air conditioning systems will demand a couple of repairs during their lifetime.


What is HVAC Repair?

HVAC repair or replace is a broad spectrum of services aimed to rectify issues with your heating, ventilation and air handler conditioning units. It is a specialized service requiring licensed technicians. Major brands advise against DIY HVAC repair, which can void your warranty and cause more damage to your air conditioners system. As such, you should review existing options to find credible companies in your area. HVAC repair involves the following:


Heating Repair

image source: tffhvac.comHeating units comprise various components, including furnace maintenance, boilers and heat pumps. These parts are vulnerable to breakdowns, which increase as your system ages. You should hire HVAC technicians to repair your furnace installation and central heater repairs. Heating repair may also feature servicing and maintenance to optimize system performance. This involves a set of inspections to identify and fix any potential issues. If you are are having an issues schedule furnace repair today.


AC Repair

image source: fourseasonsheatingcooling.comAir conditioning repair is the most popular HVAC repair most people will need. AC systems are more prone to breakdowns. The condenser, evaporator and refrigerant all need repair at some point. AC repair involves checking the units individually for issues and replacing worn-out parts. It is recommendable to replace AC units that are more than eight years, or if repair costs can pay 50% for a new unit.



Gas Water Heater Systems

image source: cwschultzandson.comHVAC repair can cover hot water systems and some contractors group them with heating services. You should call a trusted technician if you suspect issues with your hot water distribution system, preferably an HVAC contractor that provides plumbing services. The technician can fix leaks, failing electric water heaters component, contamination and so forth. Not all HVAC installs companies repair a tankless water heater, so you should always check.

Appliances and Faucets

image source: airspecialist.comHVAC systems work with several appliances and faucets. This includes fans, thermostats, switches and other electrical components. HVAC technicians also repair and install ductwork. Traditionally, a repairman is an ideal person to call for general appliance repair. However, many HVAC and home service companies also handle appliance repairs, considering HVAC units are considered home appliances. Nonetheless, you need experienced technicians with knowledge of other systems in your home.


Professional HVAC Repair Services Near You

Are you looking for a reliable contractor to repair and maintain your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems? HVAC unit repair is inevitable, so you need a trusted partner to call for all breakdowns and annual servicing. Smart Living home services are tailored to homeowners that seek high-quality results. We offer experienced home service technicians that can help you take care of all your HVAC repair, new installations and maintenance.


Smart Living has a comprehensive list of services and understands all systems in your home. Whether it’s residential or commercial HVAC , our team knows all models in the industry and is determined to keep your home systems functioning efficiently all-year-round. Our partners are licensed and insured with quality service satisfaction guarantee for all our clients. Call us today to request an appointment and find out more about HVAC repair, central air conditioning, ductless systems, boiler repair, air duct cleaning and other home services including a bathroom remodel, that we have for homeowners. Many of our partners also offer financing options.

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