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Growing healthy trees in your backyard is one of the best decisions you can make. Trees can provide shade and fresh air, besides improve the aesthetics and functionality of your space. However, if your trees have grown too big or pose a threat to you or nearby property, the only option may be to remove it. In most cases, your tree service technician will recommend tree removal if it is a security risk. You can also hire tree services whenever you want to get rid of big trees and their stumps. However, not all offers you encounter when you search for tree services near me online can meet your needs. It is still essential to find trusted companies highly regarded for quality tree removal services.


What to Expect

You can call for professional tree services to determine whether you need to take down the tree or find another solution. Tree and stump removal services vary depending on the size, kind and location of the tree. Essentially, trees with enough space around it are cut down in one piece. Once on the ground, the technician will chop it to smaller pieces, or as desired. On the other hand, if the tree is close to a building or different structure, it will require scaling the tree, tying up individual branches and cutting them from the top downwards.


Who Needs Tree Removal?

image source: calltreeservice.netYou should call a certified arborist or tree care technician to examine your trees’ health and identify those that need to be removed. In most cases, you can find a solution that doesn’t involve cutting down the tree. However, some instances require prompt tree removal. These include:



  1. Aged pest-infested trees expected to fall soon
  2. Trees close to power lines or growing too close to your building’s foundation
  3. Bending trees that pose a threat to people and structures
  4. When you need to clear the area for new projects


Preparing for A Tree Removal Service

image source: ims2014.orgIf you plan to hire tree removers, there are various preparations you can make to guarantee a smooth service. Here are some:


  1. Make enough space for vehicles and equipment involved in the tree removal service.
  2. Clear access to the tree, ensuring technicians can work freely back and forth.
  3. Remove plant pots, furniture and other breakable items close to the tree.
  4. Schedule consultation and inspection from a trusted tree care service to agree on what you require. You can search for “tree service near me” to get offers from your local area.


Professional Residential Tree Removal Services

image source: briston-apartments.comAre you looking for a reliable tree service company to help you remove unwanted trees from your compound? Smart Living is a reputable home service company dedicated to providing premium quality tree removal for residential homes. Whether you need tree and stump removal for old rotting trees or seek to cut down trees that have grown too big and risky, we have the experience and capacity to meet your needs. Our tree service technicians are also trained to achieve a quick turnaround, offering professional insights and straightforward communication throughout the process. Sign up to find out more about tree removal and other Smart Living home services you can hire. We also offer free estimates and quotes.


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